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A Couple of Hometown Boys!

Welcome to Ripperz lures.  Hi I’m Paul Wadsworth a fishing enthusiast, and native Montanan.  Ripperz got started when a friend and I decided to design a fishing jig that didn’t have to be replaced after every fish. 

You see I have a background in plastic injection mold machines.  I run another family business called Wadsworth Manufacturing that my late father LeGrand Wadsworth, started.  You see invention runs in the Wadsworth blood. So coming up with a new material design sounded like fun!

 We wanted to create a fishing jig that lasts, and that is precisely what we’ve done.  Rippers are durable and allow you to fish all day without stopping and putting on a new jig because the last fish tore it up.  We are family owned and operated. Made in Montana, USA.

Established in 2020
Saint Ignatius, MT

Though Montana doesn’t have an ocean, we do have plenty of Fishing. Flathead lake is a beautiful place to play.  However to make sure we tested our jigs on some big fish, we have taken a few adventures. This is a red grouper I caught in the Gulf of Mexico just off of Florida.

About Ripperz Design

Ripperz are made with a unique special blend of plastic, that is ultra durable, yet still flexible enough to give that sexy wiggle fish go nuts over.

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